Sunn 0))) at the Rex in Pittsburgh

Link Dump for video.


Holy shit.

Extended holy shit.


Wow Sunn 0))) was unreal! I can’t really describe emergent psychic feedback, but eyes in back of head, clothes rippling, vortex shedding engulfing waves of sonic pulchritude.
My contacts kept drying and almost popping out from staring into another dimension for prolonged periods w/out blinking. So crazy! I have always wanted to experience something like that, and sweet lord… The lead was doing Tuvan throat singing IN LATIN. The opening was a latin utterance. I recorded it. And yes, they closed the set with laughter, plus some sort of weird Goldar w/ lasers thing, Jesus. I caught myself saying holy f*CK over and over about three minutes in, and then I took out my earplugs. Amazing, now with more deaf.
I listened to the show from both the lower and upper floor. The best spot was in the tiny balcony (Rex is like 200 cap.?) Behind a column, right against the back wall, which is shaking and singing from the throat of every latch and loose screw. It’s an imperfect world. Leaning back against the plywood wall, the full percussive force of the 9 amps onstage made me feel like I was trapped within the roar of a lion that went on forever. They played for over an hour, no songs. No applause. No banter, everything burned away except that madness.


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