An Abduction! Please Transcribe the Dialogue from Kyrgyzstan (Reposting because no one helped out with transcript yet)

Reposting  because I still wonder what happened to this poor lady. If anyone can translate this video I will send a copy to the Kyrgyzstan consulate in my country.

I found this on a Radio Free Europe, Kyrgyzstan network thing. I was surfing the net, doing some virtual tourism, when I stumbled across this abduction video. This is an abduction! This is frightening. This was last year. Things to remember:

  1. This is real, and it is disturbing.
  2. The abductor is violent and repeatedly hits the woman in the trunk.
  3. The bystanders try to intervene but back off when he explains “she’s crazy”.
  4. The driver chuckles after shutting the woman back in the trunk.
  5. Everyone be like, okey dokey.

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