Mingo Creek series: Drone fundraiser -paperweights, skippers and odds to fund drone construction

 I have a passion for flight.

I am an engineering student. I am designing a 37″, 15 lb. drone for medical transport. I need to sell about 250 paperweights to make money for the prints, parts and a machine learning subscription. I worked under a NASA grant to get this going, and I ghost write on blogs, but I don’t make ANY MONEY! I spend the ghost writing money on ICE CREAM. It doesn’t PAY SHIT! I am getting excited and that is why I’m typing SO LOUDLY!

These paperweights are being sold through Falcon Photo and Oils, LLC.

Each reggie is $3, but the odd ones are from $5 to $20. That includes the THROWING BACON I posted yesterday.

This project funds the drone build.

I’ve been flying and repairing drones for two years. I’m ready to take it to the next level. Who’s curious to see this happen? Me!

Any help is appreciated! Also, I’m a COMMERCIAL DRONE PILOT and my license is good until MAY 2019. Hire me!

Falcon Photo and Oils

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