Brilliant work: Is it engineering or performance art?

Turning carbon pollution into diamonds is a brilliant idea, one that is possibly a preferred obsolescence and model rehearsal for solutions to come to grand challenges in engineering that face us and other living organisms on our planet in our lifetime, and in our future.

How to decommission coal plants? Coal Ash is toxic. I live in rural PA where coal barges and coal trains pass by in bundled barges up and down the river, and via mile+long coal trains all day. The amount of metal coming out of the nearby coal power plant could be used to create an aluminum engine per day. Imagine vaporizing the spectrum of rare metals and superconductive material just spewed into the air every day, what a waste! Heavy metals, carcinogens, contributors to smog, disease, diminished visibility and damage to food crops and commercial property in the form of climate change related issues such as acid rain, water and soil pollution, disease and resource scarcity.  That’s a mouthful, so have another.

Scarcity drives supply side economics controlled by rogue billionaires who pull the strings in Washington, who mold public opinion to trivialize the colossal damage they cause. Trump is a lying douche, but he’s not alone. It’s like a cluster of hemorrhoids as the earth literally turns itself inside out as of Overreach Day, August 2, 2017.

Check out how Trump is going to president all in your water and food supply.

I made a suggestion on this website  in 2011 that coal plants be used to produce photovoltaic electronics and aluminum parts for electric cars until coal energy is finally removed from electrical grids. The idea of using these plants to push renewable science and engineering arts to its fullest potential makes me feel hopeful and committed to my community. It’s absurd to still be burning coal for steam turbinez, but our policy is controlled by an industry that employs an Arby-sized chunk of our economy that lucked out and bought an orange circus peanut who doesn’t read. Imagine if Trump declared Arby Sauce a vegetable. Maybe he already did, in his mind, a pre-Tweet vector already gaining dynamic stability in his constellation of his ambitious weirdo cabal.

Trump is systematically removing all data which could be used by remote sensing tech to determine vulnerable points in our power grids and utility systems. He’s dumping weather and climate data. That’s not okay! What is not okay is publicly taking a no-wipe grumpy on science and education, especially when there are beautiful things to be made from transforming technical grand challenges: such as reversing damage from industrial pollution and eliminating  fossil fuel dependence.

I mean dang, I read UN reports in 1982 in 7th grade in a public school that this stuff is a problem…and I see thirty years go by and have to seriously consider handing it all to a bunch of gentrified half baked white, Angy clueless grampas.

An introduction to the nightmare brewing…and I will cite this blog post and complain that people sat on their hands because our legislators sold out and let the lobbyists write their policy: both parties dishonor the citizens of the world. It’s sad to think of the damage that will unfold because of this rabid gas-lighting campaign from Trump and his poor-hating, people-buying  goon squad.

We need to be turning our mistakes into tools to learn how to make a better future. We need science and education, vision and an understanding of what it means to live on Earth with other organisms in harmony.

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