One Reply to “How Trump came to Charlottesville and took over Virginia’s largest vineyard”

  1. Because I’m in a hotel using shit XP and don’t want to log in here, here is an addendum, a Trump dump for links to Charlottesville, BTW, if you want to see something cool, check out my painting Yosemite Trumpnado. I found Yosemite in a thrift store, a steal, like $3, so, boom, I paint a tornado made of eyes on it, oil on garbage, and bing bing, shit is going for like $4 million. It’s just something I love, taking art showing something big and great, developing it, make it classy, then turn a profit to buy more classy. Kluge classy. Big time lawnmowers, baby!

    “But in this pastoral part of the state, things are relatively peaceful, unless people spouting Nazi chants are in town. Along the winding roads that cut through green hills laced with rows of grapevines, a sign emblazoned with a golden T marks the entrance to the 1,300-acre Trump Winery.” Fuck me.

    Link to a visiting historian and Russian cultural attache’, Alexander Potemkin

    and another name pops up, Donald Kendell. Here’s Kendell on Russia, and before I even read it, I know he’s going to fawn because he wants to sell soda pop in Russia. A units guy, a diplomat/historian, and a soda pop guy, who mention IBM (Kluge again) ” I got very involved in Russia at that point because I was convinced it was a great opportunity for the United States and Russia to get together, because their people were wonderful people. They had some lousy management at times, but, on the other hand, we occasionally had bad management too.

    D.S.: Who were some of the other companies that were in the forefront in those days?

    D.K.: There were companies that went over. They didn’t all get involved. Companies like IBM went over. Some of their people were actually excited about the opportunities. But not many of them followed up for a while. It was a slow process, but there are a lot of companies over there today.

    And Pepisco’s Kendell with Putin’s had up its ass because he’s slobbering over the biggest Pepsi market outside of the US, and poopoos all that nasty Russian enemy talk.

    ” As you know, when Putin took over after Yeltsin, Yeltsin had left a real mess. Things had really gotten screwed up. I think it was unbelievable what Putin accomplished. If you look at the record going back to where Putin started and what it is today, how can you question Putin and his ability and his skill given that the economy and the lives of the people have improved so much from the time that he took over? People are glad to have Putin back because of his record, what he’s done. I think he will continue to improve things.

    Original article wiped from website


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