Get a Congressional API

I hate Pai and corporate hegemony. I am aligned with the interests of the general public, and I agree that the internet, while not perfect, should remain a public good. The brick and mortar casualties of e-commerce need the internet. Use the Congressional API to inform yourself and your watercooler friends. We are losing democracy! My senator, Pat Toomey, possibly a rapist, my shitbag  senator in PA, he’ll put any cock in his mouth for about $35k. I bet Pai loves his affordable, dried up old ass.

In the movie Life of Pai, an orange monkey shits out a three-nippled vulture that died when it gets its head  caught in the suddenly post-mortem clenched sphincter of a dead wild pig. So heartwarming! The villagers are shocked and confused!

Pai declares ass-eating to be a federal mandate, and everyone must then buy a choking sphincter remotely controlled by fucksticks like Toomey and anyone willing to accept about $32k to sell the American people out. In the end, Pai starved the villagers to death and harvests vultures found suffocated with their heads stuck up dead villagers asses, young and old. Heartwarming!

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