Do the Nowhere

I took a work-study at a library following a semester in a class plagued with file management issues – my fault, to a degree. I tried reaching out to peers, but none were able to approach the issue, so we bottle-necked there. Eventually, I figured out both the source of the instructional error and additional IDE issues resulting from previous installation errors. I found files in wrong places and forced configurations that resulted in inconsistent results.  I got my programming libraries organized and resumed work, but the setback was costly. Anyways, the problems I had with my libraries apparently has been nothing but a prelude, for I now have a work-study in an actual library, a fate no less quixotic because of my English degree.

I have a research-focused semester coming up, and I thought it would be great to really go for it. I am literally inside a giant mind codified in billions of lines of predominately Latin thought. A mouse inside an infinite cheese. Not New Jersey.

To have been captured by a library where I am being approached to proofread research? This is become Fantasy Island. The subject of the research is social anxiety disorders, with a focus on manifestations in Japan, and the context in which conditions like hikikomori arise. That is pretty cool. Everyone has a bit of it going on, a lingering in the void between isolation and actual social contact…and we explore this in a physical library. That is strange. I hope to learn more about social context of its persistent, and growing reality.

I checked out a book on why people read research papers. My next semester is research and project work. So, in my desire to improve my ability to work with libraries, I am studying reasons why people read and use research while proofreading research, returning books to shelves, checking them out, lending them, circulating them.

I read and study what people read  and I research how people use and understand research, and why they research, and how they see research fitting into a production schedule.  I prepare for a research project about what people research in industrial technology and why, but mostly, I just read. I feel like I’m doing higher dimensional knots, but at a liesurwly pace. 

And I wonder if, underneath the ice skin of Enceladus, flowing channels of cooling and warming material in the water create pores that allow gases to escape? Is the crust heating and retreating, expanding from these geyser spots as a result of creatures receiving something akin to photosynthetic chemical processes and float in a space caught in the lagrangian points of a magnetic field line that channels intense stress of ions, like a neon fog channel. Do they eddy and remain suspended close to the plume? Bromeliads of jelly.

Do the pressure changes, described in this pumping system, provide a framework for creating hydrocarbon molecules, fuels?

I could spend a year in a library…

Think or it like an alien krill donut evolving in a halo cloud around an underwater lunar volcano. Endothermic reactions possibly break down at these ion channel points. I assume these nodes migrate cyclically.

Possibly the surface expands from a mass kill of krill roiled in the vortex of a rising ionic chain that curries conditions for geysers. Burping. I don’t think it’s krill. I just use krill to model the colloidal chemical stuff in the slope because krill are locatable to points in space. What if you put organisms in that rolling donut eddy current?

Passing titles
Passing titles




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