Stage one. Image on two canvases. Whimsical detail of urban drone navigation. All colors to be lightened.


State two involves configuring an ultrasonic sensor or conductive paint and a DC motor attached to a ______ haven’t decided. Interaction I’ve piece. Must be lightweight.

And painting and layering paint and transluscent layers and looking for ways to incorporate a mount and frame set. Pulling light in. Yisss.

Maybe the thermal camera. Maybe a photo detector and _______. Ugh. Can’t decide.

Second part of two-part image series. Second part will be only black and mauve. This ________ will be drawn with a_______. And then calls my phone when it trips a ____ sensor. Draws a QR code. That’s my whole summer.

Oil paint, painting medium and mineral oil. Expected drying time is three weeks until next application.

24″ x 36″ each