Just posting a topic possibly less interesting than net neutrality. O random project. I  woke up, sat up in bed and yelled gibberish in the middle of the night a couple days ago according to my family. I don’t remember that. I slept well, actually. But I remember I dreampt I was working on this. Fallout 76 vibe.


Nobody understands I’ve been on this kick for years. I’m going to figure out how to use these to cut crosswind on planes. And it will look so Tron.

The dielectric material, mica? I grew up in the Piedmont east of Atlanta and it was everywhere. On playgrounds at school we would hint for gobs of it and play with the sheets, at Honey Creek Elementary.  Caught trout with it in the Appalachians. Up by Annie Ruby or Tellulah Gorge.

Ugh. I lost the “UPS” link and I’m tied up with babysitting again. UPS stands for something cool that needs a good technical explanation. I found one. Sad. Lost it. Found it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet_photoelectron_spectroscopy

Sweet Cavity Resonance,  2013


I wonder if this would produce pollution? Black light wings. Adapting it to produce a body effect on the surface of a flying craft. Boundary restoration. Maybe burning ones eyes out if you look at it? Maybe more mica.

The idea is so exciting. Wikipedia…

Plasma actuators are a type of actuator currently being developed for aerodynamic flow controlPlasma actuators impart force in a similar way to ionocraft.

The working of these actuators is based on the formation of a low-temperature plasma between a pair of asymmetric electrodes by application of a high-voltage AC signal across the electrodes. Consequently, air molecules from the air surrounding the electrodes are ionized, and are accelerated through the electric field.[1


Use one of these ML gimmicks in Julia or Octave? I’d rather find an analog mech that lit this up. Diode? Tube ballast? Supercap? Something very lightweight. Piezoelectric electrode made all dirty and brittle? Delta blues.

“CO2 lasers”. The ghost of Prince.

Here applied with a giant machine, but I would do it a little less efficiently, and could not sustainable it for long but how long …I should test it. Basically used to ignite something thay gives off gas that can be released at bursts of high pressure, across a grained surface that carried the charge to ionize the gas or whatever.  Possib some smoke. But only when nopes were thick.


Then there’s encryption and PID.


Possibly make it out of a naturally occurring sugar, a metastable or unstable quasicrystal line structure. Burn rock candy all over yr paint, mister. Burning sugar lasers.

Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. Sometimes I need sleep.

Goofin over St. Pete, descending.


painting for sale $250


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