MILOV: Fats Waller

MILOV is Music I Love On Vinyl, a series of whimsical, strange or enchanting recording pressed into vinyl or shellac in the 20th century. This is for Fats.

No more missing aircraft

I was looking through a list of missing aircraft when an image of a B-52 bomber, stuck and decaying, frozen in an off-kilter descent, snarled in the boughs of a moss-laden jungle canopy jumped into my head.  It made me think of a silly, jaunty mid-20th century jazz,  and this bouncy number in particular.

Bands would play risqué stuff in late sets. I wonder, was this style a holdover from Prohibition and vaudeville, perhaps, a burlesque occasion revived on the cheap at juke joints? This tune is pretty funny.  Humor sparkled in much of the uptempo dance music Fats swung. Fats and his band kept it bumping. I would freak out if I had this on vinyl.

Speaking of momentum:

Curiosity, the Mars rover survived an epic Martian dust storm in 2018 and sent this pic, which I reconstructed to show the rover. Good bot.


One day people will come looking for it and stick it in a museum. That’s an amazing idea. It will become the impetus of its form, an old Zen trick: search for manifestations of curiosity itself, aptly named. Hold tight.


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