Crystalline primes all the way


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Analogy: Hot webs of plasma


This is weird. Click the link. In an advanced astronomy course at USF in 2000, I opined in class that the black hole theorem did not address non-locality, that it was like a field thingy, not a point, and not infinitely dense, but infinitely, indeterminate, dispersant. I was thinking of electron shadows mentioned in a book about weird physics, called The Lost Dimension, a short, amazing work of pseudoscience that really got me thinking.

From googly Google,

To read these five essays of 1983 is to begin to come to terms with the theoretical cataclysm of the present. In Lost Dimension, Paul Virilio considers the displacement of the concept of dimensional space by Einsteinian space/time as it is related to the transparent boundaries of the postmodern city and contemporary economy. Virilio imagines a coming world of interactive, informational networks offering a prison-house of illusionary transcendence. He pictures global terrorism (perpetrated by and against technological states) filling up the surreal void of an abandoned real. In a multidisciplinary excavation of contemporary physics, architecture, esthetic theory, and sociology, Virilio traces the dystopic unity of the contemporary Western predicament with lightning prescience and clarity

I took advanced astronomy because I’m curious. Very curious. Advanced curiousity is my banner, my boo, my banana.

I was puzzled by white hole foam” and the quantum Cauchy radius of the chromosphere, where there seemed to be quantum tunneling and a sudden weird oscillation in temperature, a drop on the surface. The surface was…cold. If thermal expansion was not happening, then it was quantum, meaning, you can’t detect it.. yet.

During this discussion, the class went pretty nutty and the teacher packed up and left. I was connecting the quantum ( I can’t see nothing ) and mechanical systems by thinking of a holographic tarnishing of matter in time. Infinite toroidal hamster balls forever linked like chains in topographical regressions, and, like the thread you pull to unravel the sweater, people were trying to push all of that to a single point, a singularity, a black hewl.

Hewld up y’all. This gets weird. This system is infinitely tangled, but it’s weirder still. This is just part of many other dimensions curled and folded inward. All we see are the goofy flotsam and jetsam on its n-dim surface because of our senses. They are limited to me certain processes. Our biochemistry is likewise limited in certain ways.

I lost the paper I wrote on the subject. I had turned my computer over to SETI at the time, in 2000. Maybe aliens, but probably a big wolf spider in my hardware did it. It had a web on my motherboard, carcasses everywhere. This was in Florida, in Tampa. It was a helluva semester. Graphing this is weird. Think of partial derivatives of space/ time curling at arbitrary scale, meaning that the indices is loose in Cartesian space, and the vertices are tensors? Branes, sort of?

Primes are resonating in a quantum lattice? Bubble tunneling? Endless toroidal hamster balls?

Buy Sweet Cavity Resonance for the low low price of only $10,000. Oil on canvas, 2’*3′. Please. Painted in 2013. Sealed and mounted. I need funds to build a sophisticated drone and to test it.

Sweet Cavity Resonance, ©2013, by Joseph Phillips



Sweet Cavity Resonance



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