Please Save This Particular Planet from Environmental Catastrophe

The link takes you to the report the White House adminstration chose to release on Black Friday.

If you don’t want to read the hundreds of pages of documentation that went into making this dire assessment of our indiffence to the  health of our sacred arbor, our only home in the infinite void, you are not alone. A certain Chloraprep faction running this circusized peanut gallery would appreciate it.

There is a National Academy of Science Engineering and Medicine Review. Yeah, seriously, this is already vetted.

NASEM looks at our grand challenges as a species sharing this Earth with our descendents. Abe Lincoln thought it would be a good idea to keep us in mind. Nice fellow, sort of agitated, keen on unity.

Climate change poses many challenges that affect society and the natural world. With these challenges, however, come opportunities to respond. By taking steps to adapt to and mitigate climate change, the risks to society and the impacts of continued climate change can be lessened. The National Climate Assessment, coordinated by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, is a mandated report intended to inform response decisions. Required to be developed every four years, these reports provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date evaluation of climate change impacts available for the United States, making them a unique and important climate change document.

The draft Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4) report reviewed here addresses a wide range of topics of high importance to the United States and society more broadly, extending from human health and community well-being, to the built environment, to businesses and economies, to ecosystems and natural resources. This report evaluates the draft NCA4 to determine if it meets the requirements of the federal mandate, whether it provides accurate information grounded in the scientific literature, and whether it effectively communicates climate science, impacts, and responses for general audiences including the public, decision makers, and other stakeholders.


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