G7 Highlights

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What I want is less talking about Trump. The G7 summit is wildly important to address climate change and all I hear about is Trump.


G7 summit, Biarritz, France, 24-26/08/2019

Agenda highlights

Foreign policy and security affairs

G7 leaders are expected to focus on relations with Iran following the country’s decision to reduce the implementation of certain aspects of the nuclear deal.


Leaders will discuss the global economic outlook and issues related to trade. They will also discuss international taxation, especially in the digital sector.


G7 leaders are expected to endorse a new framework between the G7 and Africa.

Fighting against inequalities and women’s empowerment

Leaders are expected to underline the significance of women’s participation in the labour market, and to highlight the importance of education for girls and women, especially in developing countries.

Climate change and oceans

On climate change, the EU will reaffirm its commitment to the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Leaders will follow-up on the G7 Ocean Plastics Charter agreed last year at their summit in Canada and discuss further initiatives to reduce plastic pollution.

G7 leaders are also expected to endorse a charter on biodiversity, as adopted by the G7 environment ministers last May. The charter aims to boost efforts to halt biodiversity loss and to sustain a healthy planet.

Digital transformation

Leaders are also expected to discuss the digital transformation and how to ensure that it is open, free and secure. The discussion will focus on how to defend our democratic societies and institutions as well as our electoral processes from foreign threats. Leaders will also exchange views on how to continue the fight against terrorist content online.

source: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/meetings/international-summit/2019/08/24-26/

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