Sunset, Cave Bungalow and Office Building

This building is intertwined with a cavern, and inside the cavern, perched in its center like a burp in a baby, a suburban home and a very bright garage.

A torrential cascade of water is pouring from the cave and down though the lower levels. Looks like a disaster.

The roof has helipads, each one marked distinctly. Elevator platforms, black, sit ready to lift and lower massive cargo. The roof is covered with a four foot thick layer of fiber optic conduit. The brown patch is heated, and provides wireless charging for hordes of delivery drones.

‘751’, an imaginary ID for such a building. Trees are rendered as ‘clouds’. This software would really help VR shine. It is simple, like Minecraft – it seems like grown-up Minecraft – and intuitive.

Sunset, Cave Bungalow and Office Building, fsb 2019

This structure confuses commercial and residential space and light. Mixed into it is a giant, empty natural setting with a remote, aggressively cheery suburban home. Aggressively cheery. Suburban.

Cave Bungalow and Office Building under construction, fsb 2019
Cave Bungalow, fsb 2019
Office Building, fsb 2019

These are impressions of office buildings and secluded bungalows. Obviously, this place has some good elevators and glass cleaner.

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