Casual slouching motorcycle champion

The costumes have evolved. The first heterogeneous martial arts race (Oval Super Battle in Kawaguchi 2015 ( 異種格闘技レース1回目(オーバルスーパーバトルin川口2015)

Auto Race (オートレース, Ōto Rēsu) has its own history.

Another, more aggresive race

It takes heart, dedication, and probably other things, but I don’t speak Japanese. I just dig that outfit.

Typical young racer

But there are challenges to running these small circuit races. There are no bales of hay, long sandy shoals or other zones designed to absorb the momentum of a careening motorcycle and driver. The life of a rider is hard, and often away from home for half a year. and it takes heart to make it.

More responsibility and training. Safety is critical. No brakes, no gauges, hardcore.
You might run into a proud grandfather!
Or a scared dad, upon learning of the speeds of the motorcycles. (93 mph)

This is a bonus: Tiny boat race

Boat race

The video above is another “public game” in Japan. You can gamble on it. This is a 360 video. There’s contact at 3:59 off starboard. The POV is from a racer who takes a really wide left turn, so turn the camera view to port, (to the left), to see the other riders using these boats like cheap ponies. Also, I’m a cat. They train hard!

Boat racers have their own tales to tell, apparently.

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