Week o’ science is Delayed

I am busy with some issues:

  • Got my mitts on some good research material today, stuff directly tied to and light years ahead of my medical service drone integration research project. I had designed a perfect learning tool, I thought, in 2015. I developed an industrial design to propel it. Any time I continue the work, I improve my knowledge of math, engineering, biochemistry, astronomy, human nature, economics, and so forth. The end product would, if I am ever to obtain funding, approach:
    1. A self-correcting containment unit for transporting living tissues and human organs in a mesh of secured IOMT networks.
    2. Drones capable of transporting 15 kg at 100 mph for one hour in zero wind.
    3. A form of multimodal transportation that reduces cost of production, increases profit, and frees sustainable blockchain economies of scale.
    4. A huge reduction in healthcare costs associated with organ transplants, and a target of the lives of two dozen US citizens saved every day. Every day.
    5. A learning tool for students of terrestrial robotics, biology, computer science, astrophysics, and art.
    6. New biocomposites.
    7. Municipal tools for first responders and infrastructure planning.
    8. Heavy brains drawing bigger, hotter, messier circles.
    9. Snowbound home schooling my kids every frigging day.
    10. Distracted by impeachment of Orange Who Cannot Be Blamed
  • I was offered a job that required me to be away from home for two weeks – an impossibility on short notice because I do not have any day care resources for my kids until I get…income and a steady job. It made me frustrated this afternoon. Hot mess.
  • I was offered an opportunity to attend some new webinars related to aforementioned research, so I needed to adjust my schedule. Hot mess.
  • I completed some online training on sexul harassment, discrimination, and strategies for empowering people to be aware of discrimination, have a good attitude, and act to make work, school, relationships, and play more valuable. It made me reflect on human nature. I lost track of time. Hot mess.
  • I honestly need another week to wrap my head around elementary particle physics research before I can turn it into a respectable Sway presentation because when I start messing around with the Standard Model, things get weird, and it is easy to lose an audience that way. I was going to find a way to tie leptons to leptins, for the sake of poetry. Looking deeply into the Standard Model is always going to be a hot mess.
  • I am reading a lot of books lately. Hot mess.
  • My humidifier sprouted mold and made everyone sick for a couple of days. I had to go find a filter. Everyone knows I do not have one. Hot mess.
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