Banana for scale: Gauging trends in academic interest by normalising publication rates to common and innocuous keywords

the time is ripe for a quick and easy method to quantify trends in academic interest for anecdotal purposes

from the paper

I am interested in the software offered here. I am busy translating a travelogue for the next two months, and after I finish the translation, I will apply the software to it and see how it compares to travelogues from different sources.

I am snowed in AGAIN for the third straight week. At a rate of two kid-free days per week, I cannot dig into the math for stuff re:standard model as I mentioned two weeks ago. My analytical abilities depend on momentum. Typically my part of Pennsylvania gets a huge snowstorm mid-February, followed by a thaw within a month or so. Check the St. Patrick’s Day Brownsville flood in the 1930s for reference. We are due for another monster flood. I will get drone footage of the wharf, I imagine, and get back into physics and oil painting when the clover rises again. I have some new running shoes, and I plan to get back into trail running again this year. I have both kids enrolled in soccer, so I will have 45 minutes or so of guaranteed running time twice a week, so two 5ks in March leading to two 10ks in April.

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