dearMoon Project

I applied to fly with Yusaka Maezawa and the crew members aboard Starship in 2023 through the dearMoon project. This mission will happen following many planned and successful Starship orbits around the moon. It is inspiring that the applicant pool of the project is open to the public. #Starship #MZ #dearMoon #SpaceX

The feature photo is from an oil painting I did as part of a tryptic begun in 2012. This painting will have become 10 years old when Starship launches with its dearMoon crew. My interpretation of myths about rabbits and the moon come from my love of the moon. Travelers in the night have invented and shared stories about rabbits and their relationship to the moon for thousands of years. When I would run cross country trails at night, I often saw rabbits in fields, and I enjoyed their nocturnal presence. As silly as it may seem, I often called to them quietly so as to not startle them.

Some moonlit rabbits

Idle on silver meadows

In mists that drift slow.

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