Heavens to Murgatroyd, Evenbananas!

I was going to share this a couple of weeks ago, but I picked up a teaching gig, so I needed to prepare for the role. I am not able to give this series the recognition it deserves, but I will just add that this series of videos very quickly could give a child:

  • the general idea of neutrino research
  • form factors used in detectors
  • information about data classification
  • what this technology means to the particle research community and the next generation of physicists doing neutrino research

The series also touches on SuperKamiokande, arguably the COOLEST particle detector ever created by humans – sorry for any Poltergeist Project fan frowns- so I caved and did this free promo. Super-K in itself made me interested in this research twenty years ago and, despite earthquakes, budget crunches, and engineering obstacles, Super-K keeps rolling. Kirsty Duffy of Fermilab and her friends break down the physics brilliantly in Even Bananas, and gives a glimpse into the massive DUNE detector under construction that will provide us with improved testing tools for different types of neutrino physics. Solid gold!

Video 1

there is a multiverse, a bunchaverse, heavens to mergatroid!

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4


Snagglepuss is Christopher Walken, for no reason

If Christopher Walken was a cat

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