Papier mache mask: Part 3 of 3, Stylization

The lower bill is unfinished for now.-

Work in Progress

After the dressing comes lights and working ventilation, feathers and shiny bits. The dimensions remain 36”x36”x22”

This is heading into week four. I hope to finish this in three days. Check back for updates, or subscribe for notifications.


I repositioned the tongue and lower bill by rerouting the axle it hinges upon so that the jaw fell more to the right. I applied the fabric and used tacky glue to pin the ‘skin’ across the irregular surfaces. Then I thread it with lights and feathers. Will be finished with lower jaw in two days, unimportant. Those eyes, wow!


Fugs McBetter Duck

Pink, white, and brindled, awaiting lights, this lightweight giant mask design is so freaking ugly, wow.


Yellow and pink, awaiting finished application of fabric. EDIT: Skipping lights. It does not need ANYTHING else stylistically.


ventilation system with fan, seeking a fan

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