Oil Painting – Megaphone Piece

Finished. 24” x 48”, oil on canvas. I am happy with the composition. I waited MONTHS to apply the last bit of detail.

That flower on the left…how?

Just another massive painting. The hiatus between the three stages: base tone, first and second render, is within the longest production effort I have ever experienced. Maybe 390 days of nothing, 4 days of painting. I watched this paint dry for a year, more, yeah. It was a fun picture to paint, but it took too long to dry. I used old, grody carpenter linseed from a can that sat outside year-round for about a decade.

These people look like they’re protesting.

After finding a remedy to a humidity issue in the “studio”, the haute relief globs of contour paint from first render had polymerized sufficiently to withstand paint and possible blotting and distressing with a rag.

Megaphone Piece

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