Chestnut Ridge Outer Space Bigfoot, in progress

oil on canvas

Fig 1. Chestnut ridge outer space bigfoot

Well, this oil on canvas in Figure 1 sat idle for months. Locals have produced a documentary about weird alien visitations. I pay homage to the eerie tale of a visitation by large albino space bigfoot creatures. They have glowing eyes, shrug off shotgun blasts, and move with unnatural grace. Some have been seen holding a glowing orb.

Glowing eyes could be due to them being nocturnal. Or it could be some sort of illuminated display. I am going with the latter in the next round. I want to use glowing orange and blue lights and detail inside the helmet and over the closest craft.

The sign is becoming an issue. I want to make the darkened area into something detailed. Glowing orbs, perhaps, or finely detailed script on a drab background on a furled banner. The bigfoot is going to be pulpy with blue veins.

I brought up detail in houses and roads in Figure 2, and I will have to do it again after I fix the foreground. In Figure 3 and onward, I begin to agonize about the trees and foreground scouts and spindly robot.

Figure 3. The Chestnut Ridge Tale of the Outer Space Bigfoot, fsb

I detailed the large buck-toothed robot, and the banana rover, too. The hillock grew, and it swallowed up most of the background. So, I had room to hide a landing shuttle. An additional bigfoot is holding a massive orb. The final details will hopefully include a reclamation of the view of the town behind it.

Now I am obscuring Hopwood with a thicket upon a craggy hill. I reworked the bucktoothed robot to emphasis its pincer legs. It no longer wears a vacuous countenance. I made the trees smaller, their barks darker. I made the grass a bit brighter in the foreground. I will finish this next weekend.

A meteor actually exploded about 50 miles West of here recently, said no Bigfoot believers ever
Reds up

The banana is presumably important.

Generalized pb & jammer spaceships, duller features, improved luminous surface. Plasma drool and tendrils on the ground.

I will pull much of the background buildings back up into view. That is going to take hours.

The word ’bigfoot’ will receive another later to saturate the foreground titlecwith color. The red fonts get pinlight stripes, the tractor beams get color and sparkle, the ships get baby lights, and we get a small waterfall and creek to improve the scale and depth of the foreground. The light reflected in the water should help, too.

The robot , the figure carrying an orb gets some detail, and the banana ’bot gets swirly blue waves underneath it indicating hovering mysteriously.

The banner is finished wet on wet that reads colloquially ’the Chestnut Ridge Tale of the Outer Space Bigfoot’ as if to distinguish it from typically boring alien Bigfoot stories.

Ten days until completion.

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