Chestnut Ridge Outer Space Bigfoot, in progress

oil on canvas

Chestnut ridge outer space bigfoot

Well, this oil on canvas sat idle for months. Locals have produced a documentary about weird alien visitations. I pay homage to the eerie tale of a visitation by large albino space bigfoot creatures. They have glowing eyes, shrug off shotgun blasts, and move with unnatural grace. Some have been seen holding a glowing orb.

Glowing eyes could be due to them being nocturnal. Or it could be some sort of illuminated display. I am going with the latter in the next round. I want to use glowing orange and blue lights and detail inside the helmet and over the closest craft.

The sign is becoming an issue. I want to make the darkened area into something detailed. Glowing orbs, perhaps, or finely detailed script on a drab background on a furled banner. The bigfoot is going to be pulpy with blue veins.

I brought up detail in houses and roads.

The Chestnut Ridge Tale of the Outer Space Bigfoot, fsb

I detailed the large buck-toothed robot, and the banana rover, too. The hillock grew, and it swallowed up most of the background. So, I had room to hide a landing shuttle. An additional bigfoot is holding a massive orb. The final details will hopefully include a reclamation of the view of the town behind it.

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