Rudy and the Krakentones, “Ivermectin Mood Ring”

Rudy and the Krakentones with “Ivermectin Mood Ring”

Donald Trump represents a vile white supremacist element that persists in our culture. He marched a shitshow into the Capitol with the hopes it would galvanized a sizable chunk of the population of this country to smash the state. We had a lot of people doing things in his name.

Mere anarchy. False flags. Alternate truths. The Age of Bullshit has some dangerous outliers.

Treason and sedition are high crimes that use the first casualty of war. It impels people to rip their country to pieces. A warring faction will always use deception. Trump was impeached twice, and he lost the confidence of the Electoral College. The end.

But wait, Rudy had a plan! Captain Butt Dial, he of the lamp liquid rolling like black shadows down his sideburns. Drunken heel in a popular comedy makes good on big risks and takes the fall for a con man. This os why you vet finances. Follow the money. Accountability starts and ends with accounting, duh.

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