Chestnut Ridge’s Outer Space Bigfoot

Oil in canvas, 20” x 16”

Chestnut Ridge’s Outer Space Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a myth. I read about a Bigfoot variant that placed a few of them in a pasture somewhere along Chestnut Ridge east of Uniontown, PA.

According to the dubious account, the visitors held glowing orbs and a weird way of walking in an effortless glide – like in bad CG, Roblox. The eyewitness probed one of them with a shotgun.

No additional information remains available because the interstellar interlopers flew off in a spaceship, a nice one.


I wish Bigfoot would come back and pick me up. This place is boring. They would likely arrive with the need to harvest rare gasses or substances like gold, information about the formation of isotopes and…

…time to walk away from this one.

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