Midjourney is dope

I occasionally try new software that can be useful for generating images. I LOVE oil painting, but the material effort can take weeks and months. What if I was a 5th century goatherd with shingles? Why not grind my own pigments out of rock and animal substances? It would take a lifetime to raise the horse with the temperament suitable to imbue my brush with the correct rate of release, correct stroke angle, optimal coverage, and useful runs, and finally, the correct sequence of application. The muted shadows, the gathering light, the proper composition, tone map, palette, the form, the motion, the interim between applications in a damp and cold studio that maximizes drying time.

I got sick of waiting, so I have been exploring quick and dirty painting. I am not leaning Rembrandt, Roman crayon portraiture, or any other old greasy rubbings. I just cannot afford Photoshop, and my paintings only take up a small amount of room in the house. The effort seems trivial, so I derive less satisfaction from it.

I messed around with NVIDIAs AI playground, and I made some clumsy work with the generator, but along came the ability to see “Jack Kerouac as a dragon eating ham and eggs in a greasy spoon”

surreal AI image
Jack Kerouac as a dragon eating ham and eggs in a greasy spoon
A dragon

Edit: I accomplished nothing today, nada nunca. I created about a hundred images around the theme ’dragon’.

Dragon cookies

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