Rough Draft of book underway

I am not going to turn this into a serial. I changed my mind for two reasons, money and structure. I could paywall the entire thing, so any input I receive makes me at least enough money to buy a banana. Assuming most of my readers are bots, I should stay focused on my work and forget the rest. I am keeping this book under wraps. I also found a way to build a subplot this morning that is going to take some careful planning.

Here, I’ll put it to a vote. Poll Closes November 1, 2022.

I have buku reading ahead of me this winter, and there will be some cathartic releases, poems and rants, basically. I might write some provocative pieces to try out some characters, gauge public reception, characters used as plot devices, NPCs to create pressure upon certain events.

“I read your awful story. This is why it’s bad, blah blah.” Fine. I can deal. I can rewrite and invite others into the process. If it matters, thank you. I will probably include my critics in the Acknowledgement section. I am not egotistical about it. There’s no Danger Close. I am looking for errors and workarounds. Getting into a story changes me. I am basically writing this to discover the changes I underwent for the past twenty years. Feedback is desired. After this I can w rite romcoms about yeti shrimp or some other stuff.

I am on the second chapter. The book has many tales in it. I have ADHD. I was basically built to subplot infinity. I might write another, but this one will be the memorable one. Everything that follows should measure up to this level of goofery.

The criticism cannot overcome the material needs of a bougie family like mine. We need money for the dang kids. I do this for writers who need the money. Keep the faith. I don’t need money to make art, right? Wrong. I need a million dollars to prove them wrong! Them! I need food, sleep, shelter, and community. And a Lambo. Money is work. This is not work, so let me just lay this down and talk about it later.

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