Oils in Progress: Triptych – Center Panel – ‘Three Haters in a Crater’

Oil on canvas, been a while.

It should dry in a couple of days. This image is the underlay. Painting over a bunch of bananas. As is tradition.

24” x 18”

Center Panel

Just three people who would probably feel awkward at the Saucon Valley After School Satan Club.

I should have paid them for those Santeria rites, but I couldn’t get the blood stains out of my evening kilt and crushed velvet davenport arm rests. I was out of pocket. Besides, I suspect they stole brandy. Undaunted, I still rely on them for testimonials.

Round 2

A little color.

Round 3

Darkened everything but the center top. Everything in the background gets a wash with dull, textured light grey in a few days.

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