Where would I take the only teleportation ride I could ever take?

I stole this from Reddit, but I win. I am allowed to go to anywhere in the universe, but only to that location. The question is, where would I go.

I would eventually learn who built the teleporter, and teleport to the teleportation room a day when the secured room was locked. I wouldn’t set off any alarms because the teleportation device inventor would be in on it. I would go there, leave my device, take the prototype to ‘x’, then return it at midnight (midnight in inventor’s place), where, like the one before it (mine), the inventor has but to do a last minute system check before the ‘first’ test teleportation. You’re thinking, but that’s time travel, son, this is about WHERE to go, not WHEN to go, but if you’re going superluminal in a gravity warping field/fold in the fabric of space, you are doing one in the same. So, I would go wherever I wanted from the moment in time the possibility became reality to go anywhere. Because of activities involving the 6th through the 10th dimension, this is not only possible, but more than likely perfects the process by giving rise to further dimensions. And I would give this away, so essentially I would become pure energy, and transform humanity into all possible forms instantaneously, evolving my species into its penultimate wavicle vector, and then go play with my cats, all of them, the ones I lost, the ones who died, the ones I buried, the ones dogs ate, who ran away and the ones I failed to revive. I’d steal back the ones my ex-girlfriends had, the one that accidentally jumped into my old typewriter case and suffocated. I’d get them all back. The only place I’d have to go is to the inventor’s house, and ask him to send me somewhere. Once there, I’d go wherever I wished at exactly 12:01 am, return to that location before the device was scheduled to return (at midnight, the minute before), and ride it back to the inventor’s lair/crystal sphere of perfect cat habitation/world of endless snacks and flying women. If the device failed, I would have exactly one minute to use the device again, and it would work because it had already. By this time I would have escaped the first 4 dimensions and would be examining this holograph I’d created with extreme amusement and eating space nachos as big as the galaxy with my space lips of eternity.

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