Facebook neckbeard alert Feb. 4, 2013

I shared a video from You Tube to my Facebook page yesterday and today I get a stern threatening notification  from Facebook I’d engaged in copyright infringement and risked losing my Facebook account. I was like, what?

I’ve never had any problems before with sharing You Tube content. You Tube is shared content. For all practical purposes, Facebook is shared content.Or used to be before the 3rd party marketing war got heated with a crowd-sourced European consortium based in Ireland who say on their website:

In our proceeding against Facebook (more information) we will soon reach the point where the Irish data protection authority will make a final and legally binding decision, effecting every user of Facebook. It is likely that the outcome will not really be in favor of the users but in favor of Facebook. We want to be prepared.

 Yikes. I’m not enjoying my seat under the bus. Apparently if you share Irish art on Facebook, you get into a heap o’ trouble. I don’t know if facebook, Sunshine HQ Limited or that Crowd4privacy group is resonsible. Look, I like to share home-made shampoo recipes and stupid quips on Facebook with my old friends. Why am I suddenly caught in the crossfire of a raging copyright battle?  

Now I’m scared to share anything from YouTube on Facebook. So far, I’ve written BoingBoing, Facebook, Crowd4privacy, Pitchfork, My Bloody Valentine , and Sunshine HQ Limited about this. 

I am now being tracked by Sunshine HQ Limited because I watched a video on YouTube and shared it on Facebook. In order for them to do this, I had to register on the My Bloody Valentine channel on YouTube. Registering personal information is a prerequisite for purchase of a digital download. 

NO WONDER Pirate Bay appeared at the top of a Google search page for this album. The MBV album is Ground Zero for copyright law. Should be an interesting story. I just hope the band tours around here. I love the new album! I’d link to it, but I’m being tracked by neckbeards! Yay!


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