Join WordPress Artists In A Collaborative Art Project

Hello and welcome to the Exquisite Corpse. This is a collaborative project that anyone can do. You don’t have to any talent. Before there were Mad-LibsImage

there was an art form called exquisite corpse, or exquisite cadaver where artists would share only a little tiny visible sliver of a picture, a tantalizing hint, nothing more. They took these little bits, drew pictures using these cues, then “stitched” the pictures together at these points of shared snippets and eye teasers.  The purpose was to give so little visual information that there was no way to tell for sure what the image was. The second artist had to look at the little bit of lines on the paper, and decide what to draw or add to the lines to complete a formed image. The second artist then drew something incorporating this visual cue. Like this, for example: 


The second artist then took a tiny revealed sliver of that drawing to a third artist, who would then use that little bit of nonsense to add to the picture, like this:


and then take a snippet from that picture and hand that to a third artist:


who would then include that line in their drawing:


At the end, the artists would get together and reveal their pictures and “stitch” them together at the points where they’d cut their pictures and revealed only the edges of them.

Exquisite corpse

The cool part is if you were to add in background junk, and make the pictures look seemingly realistic. I sometimes try to force my digital camera to stitch irreconcilable imagery: Image

Sometimes I can get my camera to bend or populate images at the stitching points:



Anyways, if you were to email the picture you wanted used, I’ll keep it and assign each of you to either one or two other artists and you can then collaborate.

I will not share emails with anyone, nor will I do anything with them. I will share the websites of all participants so people can go visit different collaborators.

Then, I create a gallery page March 25th, and let the world see your work. I’ll try to blow it up on all my websites and networks. I’ll make a slideshow of finished work and use it to make a video which I’ll post on Youtube. I’ll send the link back to the gallery.  On April 1st, 2012, I will attempt to get the project submitted to Hi Fructose Magazine. I love the artwork they stumble across, and I’d like to share yours. I don’t work for them or anything, and I’m not getting paid to do this. To make it easier, keep images relative to the size of a page. After you have submitted your drawing, I will choose a stitch point and then forward that to the other artists involved in the project. Each project will be assigned a name, a name of a different kind of noodle. So, you might be “penne” or you might be “macaroni”. Anyways, I’d love to see what people would come up with. I think in the age of crowdsourcing this would appeal to a lot of people. I never really outgrew Mad Libs, either.

The only rule is that your picture must be submitted to my email address. You can use a photo or a drawing or whatever. I will notify participants of updates by email. I will post the addresses of participants on this project to boost interest in your sites, but nothing will be revealed until the release date March 25th It’s a surprise gallery!

Send picture to Joseph Phillips at  

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