Banana Clipper

Taste of El-P and Killer Mike’s new flow. Run the Jewels will be all over your hot rush hour breezes, and even if you are choking on soot, ears full of dirty beats, El-P and Killer Mike will refresh your stank phones with fresh numbers and clean production.

I’ve been lovin’ on these two since Cancer 4 Cure and R.A.P. Music arrived with the most realistic representation of a giant alien invasion infiltrating your Scarface posters and sloppy finger-tutting routines last year. Left me directing traffic in a duck pond with no one quacking for no reason, no movement, no eggs, no feathers, no bills and skimming the surface for fat beats and webbed feets. Hands making Ls and drowning in murky mud, whistle blown. Game over.

I really don’t review rap records well, but I have listened to rap since the 70s. I know what I like.

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