Getting Ready for Juneathon

Image  I will be participating in Juneathon, a running challenge anyone can join for free. You run everyday in June, and blog about it. I participated in the Janathon – yep, it was in January –  and placed 2nd at 323 miles behind the astounding distance of 502 miles run by one very fleet-footed fellow. 

I have added challenges this summer which will put me in the rank-and-file this go ’round. I have a new baby, it will be hot, and I like to do other stuff outdoors during the summer. In the winter, running is one of the few activities I can sustain outdoors for long periods of time and be happy (and sober). I’ve never tried running drunk every day for a month, but I guess that’s a challenge most people have never had to face. Drink a shot of whiskey, run a mile. Call it the Ulcerthon.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed the Janathon. The community involved was supportive and entertaining. The cool thing about this is seeing how people managed to get a run in every day. I will blog about the Juneathon on a weekly basis, entering four posts charting weekly progress logged on the running blog I’m using at Join me in the Juneathon!  


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