Ras Vaughan is an “Ultrapedestrian”

Ras Vaughan is an “Ultrapedestrian” He is interested in slowing down and gong long, real long. He is always searching for OKTs, “Original Known Times”. If someone possibly repeats one of his mind-boggling feats of endurance, he could still retain his “OKT” as an Original Known Time.


Best bibless running guru of 2013, and an Altra AmBAdAssador, Ras  will blow your mind. I never heard of this guy, and I am delighted to get a chance to dig his character and determination. The dude ran the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim six times IN ONE GO. I am interested to see what this guy can’t do. Maybe he can’t do one of these runs.


So you’re a spiritual guru, ultrarunner, Reggae singer, blogger, pod-caster, father and husband. A lot of people don’t know that you also lived off the grid with your wife and daughter in a small cabin for years before moving into your present place. Do you ever ask yourself, “What else does a man have to do to get a reality show these days?”
Oh, man, that’s funny. Although, if you think about it, “Healthy people consistently achieving their goals,” isn’t exactly the recipe for reality-TV gold. I don’t think Kathy and I would generate enough drama to carry a typical reality-format show. But if a show like that could be used to encourage people to push a little beyond their comfort zones and see past their perceived limitations into the infinities of possibility, then sign me up.

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