Janathon: Day 13 – Cross country recovery

8.32 miles

I ran 8.32 miles today. Crazy busy day. I ran on a cross country track and a regular track track. I discovered I can run a route that would trace an outline of a penis upon the streets surrounding the athletic facility, an apartment complex, and a cemetery. That’s like a new form of sacrilege. I’ll leave it to the kids.

I ran a warm-up half mile on the track track, moved to the sodden fields and soupy mess of the cross country lane. Only person there. I am the Omega Jogger.  Slippin’ and slidin’, I took in a few miles, felt peppy, returned to the track to do a mile tempo. Totally spent myself. Done for the day.

Janathon total miles: 123, actually in second place! Woop woop!~


amish cat tails

3 Replies to “Janathon: Day 13 – Cross country recovery”

      1. Hahaha. Now I realized you didn’t actually run the penis shaped route. Lol. I’ve been meaning to do some creative running to map something out. But your run looks pretty crazy still! Keep up the great work!!! 🙂


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