Juneathon 2014: Night 20 –

Short one. I did a mile in my neighborhood, sweating out. I’m still sick. I get about 4 hours of sleep tonight, then I’m back up to ride 18 miles over the hills to the rebuilt ruins of Providence Meeting House, now known as Quaker Church. Spent an hour collecting copies of documents to authenticate 20th century accounts and published crap.  Weather calls for rain all night. My worry is that I’ll be forced inside the Quaker church during a thunderstorm. It has no door, no windows and a metal roof. In short, it’s a target, with very little in the way of safe shelter.I have a 14 mile/18mile bike ride followed by a pram-pushing 5K. I’m going to wear a tiny shirt. If it rains in the morning, I’ll be running without my baby. Fingers crossed. I just need twenty-four minutes!

i found some other cool stuff at the Library, possibly a set of prehistoric steles that could be located on land recently cleared for fracking. I might be able to locate the stones, I might not. They’ve never been found. I need an excuse to hit some deer trail. Deer trail is old. Hunters follow deer trail.


And running plus running equals running.

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