Highlands Sky 40 Mile Trail Run Online Registration.

I’m just in it for the spaghetti dinner, heh. There’s a few spots left. Registration opened Jan. 1st. It’ll be sold out by this time next week. The field is very small, just a couple hundred runners.

The event carries entrants through protected wilderness areas in beautiful Davis, West Virginia, through places like the Roaring Plains and Dolly Sods. The trails are cleared hand tools by the race director Dan the Man and his family and friends. They use hand tools and clear and mark the trail on foot.


As of 01/04/15, the entrant list has swelled to 158 of 200 possible participants. At this rate the race will be closed for sign-up by Wednesday 01/07/15. Them hotcakes be real hot.

Mile 31 boulder hopping
Mile 31 boulder hopping

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