Mexico será el futuro

“Fascism, like socialism,” the economist Karl Polanyi wrote, “was rooted in a market society that refused to function.” Left unchecked, the present system will usher in a dystopia ruled by criminal power structures, including Wall Street, and inflict tremendous suffering and poverty on societies rent apart by global warming as well as internecine and nihilistic violence. Mexico is not an anomaly. Mexico is the future

Courtesy of Chris Hedges reporting for Truthdig

The history of nonviolent anarcho syndicalism will be written first in the Latin Americas. The state is ready for violence. Are you ready for peace? Aren’t we all? Flow like water, seek paths of least resistance within your community, barter, co-op, build as many networks that transform value as possible.

And make sure you have enough corn for your settlement, and beds. And water.

I already feel like Fallout 4 is here in my brain area.

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