No Peanuts, Please, Just Money for Big Bad Mylan B.S. CEO

Bad pharma doesn’t like peanuts.

CEO Who Jacked Up The Price Of EpiPens 500% Has Long History Of Being Total Nightmare: Lying About Having An MBA Edition


When science turns sage advise on its head, the people of Profit Island throw the helpless into the volcano Investus so that the harvesting of profits may continue by force of circumstance, and apparatchiks be damned, strike them down, nay, kill them with a bonus-de-gras, and sallying and jousting continues in Mount Investus, indeed.
Legal battles are the heat of it, the tectonic force, the source of the volcano. I see this as a primitive ritual of subservience to power, unchanged except for the names of the Nomenklatura that churn this batter, feed us this pro bono confetti.

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