Political Poem in an Old School Way

Political Poem in an Old School Way

I rock the photons

like a strong invader,

Walking off the set stone


The time and the place, yo,

Get bigger and bigger,

Bigger and bigger,

Get-g-get, much bigger!

Got time to rhyme in a fresh new way,

Knocking haters out,

I just don’t play.

‘Cause I come out the burbs

like a wonkey piano,

Making your mom dance

Like an R&B wino!

Milquetoast preferred,

Can’t shine a turd,

Tony in my mouth,

Got the Overlook scurred.


Going to the bank with hassle-free ready cred,

Wishing that your sister stop lying about what my momma said!

Throwing down hardcore,

A genius impresario,

With the fresh sound board

And a tricky laser light show.

Think I’m

Right around the corner and throw some dice!

Both times

Took all your money not once but twice!

But let me take a moment while you remove the wounded

Pride that you hide like G man tuned in,

Checking all your references like a boss,

Got em on floppy disk that I toss

In the garbage can

at the end of the alley,

Eating bo chee with  Chow Fat Sally

On a boat in a moat in the hills of Kowloon,

If you use a globe, you can find me soon,

Jumping out the frame like a true cartoon

And leaving the earth in a brand new shuttle,

While you splash in a pothole,

On a donut, double trouble!

Who’s in the White House,

Who’s on first?

KGB NSA CIA every day!

Who’s a spy getting paid on a jet getting made,

In a church, on parade, long career, odelay!

Lying to the people year after year,

Power got you drunk on only one beer.

The bicameral system is a lot like the Boyers,

When Vlad ran the show and there were only two players,


Two rival gangs, like Crips and Bloods

The R and the D and the strings that be,

Pushing politicians, you don’t see,

Lady Liberty looks out to sea,

While behind her back, richer than rich,

The lizard people laugh, son of a bitch!

The joke’s on you, so sad you say,

‘Cause democracy got pwned in an old school way.

It’s an illusion, life like a prison

Double Oz parties try to split the prism,

But hydra head life go like masochism,

All colors got to flow, homies, get risen,

Forget the coin, ain’t no winner,

When little babies ain’t got no dinner.

Rock over London,

Rock on Chicago,

Atari, Power Without the Price.


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