I am a commercial drone pilot! I passed my ATK test.

I received my certificate at a flight training academy at Allegheny airstrip, in Hangar 7, and now I can fly up to 55lbs, any small unmanned aerial vehicle. I need a long-range telemetry kit, so I’m looking for a chance to do small routes. If anyone wants to get involved, let me know. Yes, I can fly someone a taco. It would be my honor.

I would have told you you were crazy if six months ago you suggested I’d be assisting in labs at CALU.

Warning: half my pay goes into building an experimental high altitude glider, and the other half goes shopping….

Just kidding, but I am so excited and can’t wait to start flying drones for medical, agricultural, civil, and entertainment.

I am continuing to develop my pilot-instructor site at Falcon Photo and Oils. It won’t get busy until mid-May. I will post an imaging service portfolio, not because I’m an expert, but because I plan to be. Object recognition, mapping, spectral stuff, shooting lice off of donkeys with lasers, hmm, maybe not yet.



So the plan is:

Fly, invest in more application:

  • Agriculture : reduction of agricultural chemical input for food cost
  • Medical: Emergency supply
  • Rescue: Search, tasks with flamethrower, bolt cutter, rope, or utility arm
  • Civil: Mapping, erosion, finding water, weather and soil data
  • Communication: To develop sUAS as a proxy satellite or signal tower for temp telecommunications during power failure or emp disturbances
  • Entertainment: Film, events, challenges

Falcon Photo and Oils is possible thanks to a grant from NASA and California University of Pennsylvania

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