BYSA U-10 State Youth Soccer Championship Video

I filmed in Edinborough PA. This is a large statewide championship held on a gorgeous college campus. It’s a youth soccer extravaganza. Thanks for everyone who worked to be there  and make it happen!

The weather was PERFECT if a bit windy.

I made a video of the event. My kid’s team won their division undefeated and went to state to compete and got handled! We had too much fun at the beach and hotel to care, really. For the kids quitting soccer this year, this video is a send-off. For those starting, this is a tantalizing glimpse of the glory of sport, sort of.

It’s probably too weird for BYSA. The actual footage is lame because they wouldn’t let me close, and the kids were freaking the fuck out. I took an oath aboard the Enterprise. I can’t interfere with the natives!

I did this for my drone jam, and my kid and his team.

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