A Slideshow of Pictures from a Recent Boat Race and Bluegrass Festival

I operated as a photographer and vendor. This was my first event over water, third sports event, first multiple location event. Things I learned:


  • PRIORITY   Update all firmware and run all tests three days in advance in addition to 24 hrs and 3 hrs before event.
  • Doing that would allow for sim, mapping, and planning for more efficient use of limited power supply. It was a good idea scrapped to take care of primary objective
  • Keep trying to get a partner. It was a good idea. A partner with a 1.5 mile walkie-talkie could manually retrieve drone at terminal way-points.
  • Charge to cover the cost of a PLC or battery per all-day job, $150 minimal charge. Care of craft = equals profit. Reckless or stunt flight is risky and expensive.
  • Approach investors for funding for rugged industrial watertight model. Don’t give up, keep looking for grants.
  • Try to get weddings because wedding planners have formal schedules, are creative,  and make good collaborators for events that I would cover with limited power supply.
  • Get more lenses or a CMOS camera or something, too with a gimbal.
  • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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