Who are you? Let’s Have a Talk.

You read my blog, look at my pictures, my videos, my art, you “like” my stuff. You don’t respond to my projects, questions, sales or outrageous posts that you can’t get anywhere else. I post things on here often with the hopes that someone will go, hey, I like this topic, I might just share thoughts. Who are you? Why are you here?

Maybe buy a painting. I accept credit cards, use Square. Maybe get me involved as a commercial drone pilot. Is. That. Weird? I’m. a. rea. person. like a person who is doing things, transforming my own life and responding to the environment’s reaction to my efforts to change it, to give the world, eventually, both practical and artistic uses for drone technology. People change, and sometimes it is to overcome an obstacle. I’m trying to start a drone business. I like art. I like running, cooking, sailing, even kohlrabi if you get it sweet enough, dry it, then make a chevre mousse with it. I’m a simple guy, a regular fellow, approachable, and able to do things with gin and lemons and shit.

So, if you don’t engage me, who the heck are you? Are you scared? Bored? Are you unimpressed? Are you there? Try a bag of dicks? Try grabbing your own hand?


I’ve concluded that this platform doesn’t benefit local projects because of YOU. All of the yous I can’t reach. All of that matters. I’ve concluded that, despite having run this website and grown readership, that it doesn’t matter, because people are too lazy to unfollow a bloke who’s interests have changed, which was the subject of my last poem: People have the ability to change and it can be recognized. It’s convenient when people can be divided into flat panels, have series of separate blogs for specific audiences and specific topics, delivered in a hyper-precise way aided by cloud-based analytics that cozen up to your sentiments and lick the sap that runs from your eyes and heart like demented bears.

Let’s say I have these interests, which are different in the past or future, but sometimes converge. Convergence is as easy as entering the tags you place on your posts into a search engine and find that particular synthesis. Sometimes you can work towards a weird synthesis of creative flows. I see that people have the capacity to change, to reveal a path of changes. How about you? What are you doing?

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