Day of the Girl run


My first 10K in a year went better than I hoped. It was drizzling, so I stayed cool. I took my time. I brought a bottle of water, and along Middle Street in West Brownsville, I found  scuppernongs on a muscadine vine with some leathery late-season fruits still on the twists and collected a handful, around the 1.5 mile mark. I washed them, and chewed the juice out of the green pulp. The seeds left a bitter taste in my mouth, the juice was sweet, and the leathery skin was sour. That’s all the calories I needed.

I must be on some kind of fruit kick today.

I spied an apple tree with some stragglers on a low bough in someone’s yard by the road. A couple of miles later. The branches hung overhead. I pulled one off, and that sent another tumbling among the rots on the street. It had a good worm in it, a heavy satisfying feel, but…worm. So I chucked it. The scent of apple from the wax was so strong on my hands, and pleasing. I rubbed the wax on my face so the scent carried up into my nose for the next half hour. It reminded me of my grandparents’ orchards. Both my granddads grew apples. For a moment I was there again, a kid in the countryside with nothing to fear, free as a bird.

This was my first 10K in a year. I’m fifteen pounds shy of my goal, halfway there since August 30th. That’s a pound every three days. I cut down on coffee – I was up to three pots a day. That’s unusual. I usually drink tea. Running will discipline me. Being active is essential to health and wellness.

Please join me in a running challenge today.

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