A Crass Plant Ecologist and Some Beautiful Whatnot Over Here

Reflections and Sympathy for Blue-collar Roughneck Futility, a trip to a canyon that acts as a “time capsule” offering a glimpse of what the region looked like 20,000 years ago, flowers that bloom at night, Petrophyton caespitosum, Arbutus xalapensis, Perityle quinqueflora, Petrophyton caespitosum, Argyrochosma microphylla

“…at least the ones I see, in the plains and the American Midwest have that very blue and somewhat tomantose, or veloutinous layer of hairs on it, … anyways we’ve been a real shit magnet for the rednecks today, …anyways here’s a nice specieas of fabaceana, very odd for a ‘ceana. Another variation on a theme, let’s get real close…almost looks like an aster “

Check out more :Crime Pays but Botany Doesn’t videos on his page.

I know virtually nothing about botany. I walk in a world of largely nameless plants. I don’t know many wild plants. This guy’s videos are changing that.

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