Janathon: Day 19

For the first time in a week I had the chance to go running in daylight. I dressed light and headed SW, towards the setting sun. I think I left the house about 4:30 pm. Traffic was heavy.  The sky was almost empty of clouds. I enjoyed the twilight. An hour into the run I had full stars. It was worse than Friday night with traffic. Drivers were riding the shoulders, crossing the solid white line. I ate ditches all night. If I were to add up the distance I traversed crossing back and forth across the road to get away from the cars, I bet it would’ve given me an extra half mile.


I saw many deer, their spooky polychromatic eyes. I made ‘devil horn’ signs at them and shouted “Like a rainbow in the dark!” in the voice of heavy metal rocker Dio at a couple of them.  They didn’t move, just like rainbows in the dark. You know, running and rolling and getting in some quality miles while giving big ups to rock ‘n’ roll.

I felt pretty strong. I held back until about halfway through the run, then I gave in to the urge to go harder. I had run this route many times in the past, and it seemed, well, much wilder before.  The cool thing about a gps watch is that I can run weird, impulsively and get an accurate analysis later. I can hit trails. But not in the dark. There was all kinds of treachery under the snow.  I had the urge to hit some trails revealed by falling snow, but I was on a strict march tonight.

The first third of the run was along roads with a few houses along high ridges, with lots of dippy hills. The middle of the run went through the woods and over one big hill.  If you’ve ever seen Deliverance, this is the road to Antry. After Antry, and shouting Dio lyrics at timid forest creatures, I passed through California, then up and over the ridge by the river and back again.


I needed to do some things at the house. If I had time I would’ve done a couple more. I broke 3 hours on my run by a few seconds, pleased as punch I was. I had a pot of chicken soup for dinner. I died and went to grandma’s house, sweet Lord it was good. It took me an hour to warm up.

I broke 200 miles for the month, 86 for the week, and 18 for the day. I still retain first place, but not for long. The polar vortex returns this week, and worse than before.  I’m going to need support to get through the week. I’m worried about surviving the cold. Each day the weather worsens until Friday, when the sails will fill from the south again.

Like a rainbow in the polar vortex!


Janathon miles: 201


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