A Wuhan Minute: Live Hospital Construction to Avert Catastrophe

Pathology of airborne illnesses is pretty well-established. Airborne viruses are bad. Influenza was bad. Coronavirus has the potential to be a new Influenza.

Wuhan is scrambling to build TWO hospitals. Webcam of construction. At this time, they are about to pour the slab.


Population density: There are millions of people in Wuhan, easy prey. The symptoms are not readily apparent, so the person does not he/she is exposed until hours or a couple of days after exposure.

State controls: Price controls and access to critical resources will cause problems that China will simply deny. The fallout from absorbing the economic shock of coronavirus is pretty bad. It affects national security.

Model of infection cycle: This simulation shows we are going to periodically suffer global airborne pathogen events. Climate change will make the problem worse. How do you survive?

Here is a look into a local Wuhan supermarket during the outbreak.

Be safe.

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