Near real-time spread of COVID-19 tracker

Big thanks to Johns Hopkins and GIS sources available at link for verification

Desktop Link to DATA

Mobile Link to DATA

UPDATE 03/07/20 – click this link to see facts and figures about COVID-19

January 28 vs
March 07

I worked in nursing homes for eight years. I dealt with MRSA and other hazards. Vulnerable populations in nursing homes have a rough go of it with pandemics. It just tears through a building, and the best I could do was to reduce exposure risks.

I wore gloves to the grocery story today, discarded them in the parking lot, donned more gloves, got my grocery bags home, threw those away, washed my hands. Both of my kids were sick this week, a 24 hour, fevery sweatfest. They get tired, sweat out, come back quickly, but weakened. Sore throat and tiredness precedes deepening fatigue. I know they have trouble breathing because their cheeks have high roses and they look, well, sort of peaked.

Cases reached PA yesterday. Updates will appear here. Schools will close within a week or two.

Wash your hands.

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