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The kids wanted a net, so I put one up

Who straightened the rim on this old beat-up baskeball backboard in my town? Thank you, kind stranger! I had arrived with tools to straighten it, but someone beat me to it. I left my wrenches and mallet in the car, and brought my ladder. I brought a net, too.

The ball is more likely to drop directly below the hoop when the net catches it. There is less time spent chasing balls that bounce way off the court and sometimes across the street. I can hear the sound of the net echoing off the inside of the ball. The air pressure gives the bladder within the ball a sort of range of tomes I can hear. Like the Dppler Effect, the pitch in the sound rises in octaves

I was putting up a net at a local outdoor basketball court and entertaining ideas of building a basketball court reimagined as a 3D Plinko matrix. I love this rectangle of patched and broken scrubby asphalt. Year-round, it is a convenient place my boys and I can go and get some fresh air and have a moment of fun together. I try to imagine things to make it more fun. Right now, this old basketball court is starting to get boring.

My town got PPP loans. NAPA, BMPQ and a place called LW?? picked up millions in a dirt poor 1 sq. mile town. “The PPP is an indisputable success for small businesses, especially to the communities in which these employers serve as the main job creators,” said Administrator Jovita Carranza. “In three months, this Administration was able to act quickly to get funding into the hands of those who faced enormous obstacles as a result of the pandemic. Today’s data shows that small businesses of all types and across all industries benefited from this unprecedented program. The jobs numbers released last week reinforced that PPP is working by keeping employees on payroll and sustaining millions of small businesses through this time.” –

Goldsborough v. The Inn at LW, LLC

Justia  Dockets & Filings  Fourth Circuit  Virginia  Western District  Goldsborough v. The Inn at LW, LLC

It’s a restaurant? A casino? A what? In the 1990s, a rich casino owner buys all abandoned properties in and around Brownsville, 90% of them, sits on them until they fall to ruin, and shorts the town. Pittsburgh benefits.

It is bizarre to me to keep propping up the airline business. Commercial air travel is too expensive and uncomfortable. Business travel is likely less a lucrative market considering the effect that an unmitigated global pandemic is likely to have on the global economy again. There does not seem to be a US plan for addressing how current mismanagement of the Covid-19 is going to negatively impact the next one. How will we do during the hurricane season?

What about day care for children? How can you charge ahead if you need to stay home to watch your kids? I need a day job.

PPP to non-profit day care, courtesy of

Wow, that looks like day cares are non-existent AND unimportant. How about corporations?

PPP to corporations, courtesy of

Looks like they get all the money. Bedtime for democracy is so dark and cold!

So, I am understanding the need to get car parts distributed and barges built in town. That’s old hat. But what about this weirdness? Is this chef bringing a new type of experience to Brownsville? Is it that we need teams of imagineers to get us through a transformative paradigm that addresses climate change and social justice?

Philosophy & Perspectives

I can get behind farm-to-table, and I like Duda’s Farm, a local agricultural force of nature, so I am willing to imagine how local producers like Duda’s and a culinary master like Patrick O’Connell could transform the local economy. Maybe with a delivery truck, or a produce barge? Of course, I could be completely wrong about all of this, but it looks like a Riverboat Casino story that began thirty years ago is taking shape again. It has been a dream of mine to see the rivers free and flowing with all sorts of boats and autonomous craft, and I am not alone. Currently, just tow and barges trundle up and down the wide, calm river.

I could see a kayak outrigger, a hatchery, a boat launch or two, a recycling center, and other industry along the banks. There is cheap housing, and the railroads are in good shape. As much as I miss the city, I can always enjoy it fading away, somewhere below the net.


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