Running again

Duck feath! I have been running again. It took six months to get down to my running weight. I put twelve miles in my shoes last week, and next week, I am running a virtual 10K on the 17th. Whatever illness I was suffering in the hospital seems to be gone.

I ran for eight years, anywhere between 20 to 70 miles a week. I kept calendars to chart and and analyze my progress. I had narrowed the working pieces to a few that worked, and I used them.

Before long, I had exceeded the goals I had set, and found exhilarating experiences in wild and remote places running ultramarathons. For the first time in my life, I defined my physical limits, and was so humbled to find them. I took refuge in the experiential nature of the pastime, and it definitely kept my writing alive.

Someone loaned me a banana costume Monday. I felt like I was holding Excalibur. I have a long run tomorrow morning. Today, I did a short run, then flat and hill sprints. It feels really good to be running again.

The woods always welcomed me home.

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